Follow-up Projects

New railing at the SLB

New railing at the Stewart Library Building

Many people felt that the new entrance walkway needed a railing. While it is not required by code because that walk itself is ADA compliant, this adds comfort and a level of safety along the steep rise up from the St. Albans Road level. The metal is constructed to echo…

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Beginning of a new railing

Some are concerned that the walkway leading to the new entrance at the Stewart Library Building does not have a railing. The photo below shows the concrete base, poured today, to accommodate a railing that will be added in the future.

Refinishing the floors

Refinishing Floors at the SLB

The Stewart Library Building Preservation Group is working on a number of follow-up projects in the SLB. Over this Veteran’s Day weekend the floors in the Private Library and the first floor hallways have been repaired and refinished.  The work will be complete and the floors ready for use by…

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