How are we paying for 3 projects?

Phase Two Project Sign

There are three projects running at the Stewart Library Building right now.

What are they? How are we paying for them?

1. The Clock Tower and Steeple – “Phase One”
The top 30 feet of the clock tower and the wooden steeple were in bad condition. These two areas showed the most damage from age and weather. The brick work on the tower is done. The work on the steeple is almost complete. Once the painting on the top part is done, the staging can be changed so the bottom of the steeple repair can be finished.

Money to pay for this project comes from three sources; allocated funds from the Town of Corinna, a grant from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, and, if needed, money from a grant awarded to the Building Preservation Group by the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation specifically for restoration and renovation projects at the Stewart Library Building.

2. Addition and Rehabilitation – “Phase Two”
The details of the full scope of work for Phase Two are described in a previous post on this sitePhase Two Project SignThis project will secure the outside of the building, protecting it from the weather, and install renovations that will make the building comply with safety and accessibility code requirements.

The construction manager for this project is Nickerson and O’ Day, Inc. from Brewer. The architect on the project is Ames Associates in Bangor. Because the Building Preservation Group is working with these companies on this project we know exactly how much it will cost. The cost will not increase unless we approve specific changes that add to the cost. This work has started. It is scheduled for completion by May of 2016.

The contracted price for the Phase Two Project is $1,020,000. The Building Preservation Group has the money needed to pay for this project. The funds come from two sources, a grant of one million dollars from the Next Generation Foundation of Maine, and a grant of $20,000 from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

3. Replacement of the Heating System
The steam heating system in the building was old and inefficient. The town has hired A. E. Robinson Oil Company to remove the old system and install new hot water heating throughout the building. This work has started and will be complete before heating season begins.

The funds to pay for this project come mostly from an anonymous donation of $100,000 to the Stewart Library Building Preservation Campaign. We do not know who gave the campaign this generous donation. The money came from a component fund of the Maine Community Foundation. If needed, to complete the heating project, other money will come from grants awarded to the Town and the Building Preservation Group.

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