Trim Color

Image20SmallThe old image to the right is a photograph of the Stewart Library Building taken shortly after it was completed in 1898. Looking closely you will notice that the trim, the window frames, and the decorative parts were not white. They were painted a dark color.

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission asked that we have a paint study conducted to find out what the original color was. The samples taken from all areas of the building showed that all of the trim was dark brown.

The Commission asked that we return the trim to its original color and gave the Town a grant of $20,000 to help with the window repair and painting.brown window

It will be a dramatic change in the look of the building, returning it to the original design. The color was probably changed to white during the colonial revival era in the early 1900’s. The change in trim color was common in New England but not in other parts of the country.

The painters are putting the original color on the trim now. Soon the first coat of painting will be complete and we will see the building as it was designed to look.

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  1. I love it original! All about architectural preservation!

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