A fitting addition to Corinna

Work on the new addition to the Stewart Library Building in Corinna will be completed soon. The exterior brick work is done.

Stewart Library Building - New Addition - May 2016

Stewart Library Building – New Addition – May 2016

In this photo, taken on May 16, workers in the lift are preparing the area at the top of the addition. It will have a metal covering designed to reflect the color of the granite lintels and compliment the slate roof. The wood areas that frame the entrance door will also be clad in the same finish.

This will become the main entrance to the building, with a wheelchair accessible path leading from the parking lot up to the entrance at the level of the first floor. The elevator is just inside of the original section of the building, in the area that used to be the north stairway. The elevator will be ready for use in June.

Here is a photo taken inside the addition. The installation of the stairway railing has begun. The style of the stairs, railing, and the interior is simple and elegant, a fitting and wonderful addition to our community. railingThe stairway, which leads both to the basement and up to the auditorium on the second floor, winds around the perimeter. The glass curtain-walls provide a remarkable view of the parks, the village area and the Saint Albans Road. It is still a construction site for now and not open to the public. But, when complete, the view from the second floor landing will be worth a trip up the stairs (or a ride up in the elevator when it is operational).

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  1. Jane and Mark Biscoe | May 19, 2016 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful update, Ken !!! The results of the hard work of so many committed people are truly heartening. The dear old building has really enjoyed a thoughtful and tasteful makeover. Much gratitude to all involved !!!!

    • Thanks, Jane and Mark. We appreciate your comments. The work is coming along very well. We are all excited for everyone to come see the result when it is complete.

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