Clock Tower Masonry

Work on the masonry of the clock tower is complete.  The workers from Knowles Industrial Services have done a tremendous job repairing and restoring the clock tower, both inside and out.


Before PhotoTower before pic

This is a photo taken inside of the clock chamber of the tower before the work began. You don’t have to be a mason to see serious problems. The three layers of brick forming the circle around the clock face are visible at the bottom. The brick missing in the wall above was removed that day by a mason so the interior of the wall, which has three layers of bricks, could be examined.

What the mason and the structural engineer found that day led them to decide that the work could not wait until Spring. The work to save the tower began in February.


After Photo

New work clock tower X

This photo was taken a few days ago (June 2015) in the same area of the tower, the clock chamber. Again, it doesn’t take a mason to see the difference. Amazing work. Knowles reused as many old bricks as possible and found new bricks that closely match the originals. They worked with a supplier to match both the color and hardness of the original mortar.

It turns out that repairing and restoring a century-old, masonry building is complicated and requires special skills.

The engineers and architects who have seen the building all
say that if we do this right, the building will last for at least another hundred years.

3 Comments on "Clock Tower Masonry"

  1. betty Mackenzie | June 26, 2015 at 1:28 am | Reply

    Wow…looks amazing.

  2. What a blessing to see this beautiful building being restored. A thank you to all who worked hard to make this possible. A special thank you, Ken, for all you have given to this restoration. You are “Special”!

  3. Jane Quimby Biscoe | July 5, 2015 at 12:08 am | Reply

    Ken – your presentation at the CUA Alumni Banquet was outstanding ! My great-great uncle Levi Stewart would be so very proud and grateful to you and all in Corinna who have facilitated this wonderful restoration. We shall follow the progress of the project with the greatest interest.

    If there is an opportunity to purchase a copy of the video, please let us know. Thanks so much !

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