Funding the Restoration of the Belfry


Work on the masonry of the clock tower has gone very well. It will be completed in a few weeks. However, the condition of the wooden belfry is worse than expected. The complete repair and restoration of the belfry will cost about $40,000 more than the town has left from the $180,000 authorized for the tower project.

The Board of Selectmen was offered a cheaper proposal that would have left much of the needed repair work undone for now. Instead of kicking that can down the road, they were determined to find a way to carry out the complete repair now. They deserve our gratitude and support for that decision.

The Selectmen propose to add money recently realized from the sale of tax acquired property to what is left from the tower repair loan. They will also apply money remaining in a grant from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. That, by itself won’t be enough, but the Building Preservation Group has voted to contribute funds from a grant needed to fill the gap and completely fund the repair.

There will be a vote by citizens of Corinna at a Special Town Meeting at 6 PM on June 10 at the Corinna Elementary School to authorize the Town to carry out this plan. Please plan to attend the meeting and vote. It will be very important that we have a strong show of support for the project.

The breakdown from the warrant article:
$86,200 – Belfry Cost

$48,000 – Remaining from the $180,000 Loan for Clock Tower/Belfry Repair
$ 4,900 – Remaining from $15,000 Maine Historic Preservation Grant
$20,000 – Tax Acquired Property Sale
$13,300 – Building Preservation Group Funds

Our Selectmen have taken bold steps to keep the restoration moving forward. A public show of support is vital to help them maintain this effort. The Selectmen need to know that there is solid public support for their work. The meeting will be in their usual meeting location behind the stage. I hope to see you there.

Meeting location: Enter the Gym, walk to the back of the hallway and turn left.


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