Auditorium heating and ventilation

In the summer, the second floor auditorium of the Stewart Library Building, now known as the Jones Nutter Auditorium, can be hot and stuffy. Originally the room was ventilated by openings to the attic in the decorative woodwork around the middle lights. Those openings were closed due to fire regulations when the ceiling was re-done about ten years ago.

Attending an event there in the winter can be a chilling experience. Heat in the room comes from blowers in unit heaters near the ceiling. The fans are so loud they must be shut off during a meeting or performance. By act two of a play during a cold winter evening, members of the audience will begin to put their coats back on.

Thanks to the support of donors to the Building Preservation Fund, a full heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will be installed in the auditorium. Installation by ABM Mechanical, Inc. of Bangor will being in March 2017. The project is scheduled for completion in May, in time for the June production of a two-act comedy by the Levi Stewart Community Theater.

The main unit will be mounted, out of sight, on the roof. The duct work will be in the attic. Round air diffusers will be added to the ceiling.

The heat in summer and cold in winter have been barriers to use of the auditorium for many years. The addition of the elevator has increased the use of the building. Now the auditorium will be a comfortable place for more events, year-round. The Stewart Library Building can regain its place at the center of civic and cultural life in the community.

To help support these efforts to preserve and upgrade the Building visit our donation page to make a gift. All gifts, of any size are helpful.

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  1. Such a beautiful picture of the auditorium…It floods my mind with memories.

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