New railing at the Stewart Library Building

New railing at the SLBNew railing at the SLB
New railing at the SLB

New railing at the SLB

Many people felt that the new entrance walkway needed a railing. While it is not required by code because that walk itself is ADA compliant, this adds comfort and a level of safety along the steep rise up from the St. Albans Road level. The metal is constructed to echo the color and look of the stair railing inside of the Smith Atrium entrance.

New railing up the walkway

New railing up the walkway

It was a complex build because the all metal construction had to be made in sections to match the unique curve of the walkway. It was fabricated by Levant Welding and Machine in a contract with Nickerson & O’Day. The installation is almost complete, with just a few elements to be finished.

Once again the Stewart Library Building Preservation Group is proud of the work our contractors have done to upgrade the building, respecting the historic nature of Corinna’s great architectural treasure.

2 Comments on "New railing at the Stewart Library Building"

  1. The older citizens certainly need a railing. Walking a straight line is doable, but add to that a slight curve and and a small elevation and it becomes a little disorienting. The new railing is just beautiful! Much appreciated by many, I’m sure.

  2. Mark and Jane Quimby Biscoe | July 4, 2017 at 8:24 am | Reply

    As with every phase of this restoration, the new railing project is carefully and thoughtfully done ! Our ongoing admiration and thanks to the Committee for this addition.

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