Work on the Steeple

Steeple on June 30 XThe scaffold is up to the top of the Stewart Library Building. Work on the restoration of the steeple has begun. This photo, taken on June 30, shows the layers of staging added above the masonry of the tower. The small yellow object near the top is one of the workers leaning over to pull up some materials or tools. It’s along way up!

2 Comments on "Work on the Steeple"

  1. Thank you for putting these pictures on to watch the progress on the Library as you did with the rebuilding of Corinna in the Cattail Press. It is quite an undertaking to do this and much appreciated!!!

  2. Thanks, Kay. It feels a bit like the old Cattail Press Days. This is such a great project for our town and the entire area. Many good people are working on it.

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